FemDom Spanking Letters - Volume Nineteen


Hello Ms Jacqueline,
I am a US Sailor. I am writing because I have a spanking fetish that I am kind of embarrassed about. I have tried to figure out where the fetish came from and how to get rid of it.

I am 24 now and I often fantasize about being over my my girlfriends lap and receiving a good spanking for my misdeeds however I couldn't bring myself to disclose that to her. I read your letters and the answers oftentimes pertain to me. Problem is I don't feel like being spanked all the time or ever week. Well, maybe just a little. My cravings for a spanking got so bad I use to spank myself for acting up. Sounds crazy huh? Anyway, I don't want to be treated like an incompetent little boy all the time because I am a man. But if I disobey or mistreat my woman I want to be spanked accordingly. Sometimes I want to be spanked just before sex.

As I mentioned before I am embarrassed by these thoughts and want advice on how to cope with them or if there is a place/ site I can go to and talk to people that are like me. I am not into S&M or B&D. Am just fascinated with the idea of being spanked. I also like to watch women spanking other women. Is this normal? I guess what I want to know is how to stop thinking this way?
- Troy


Hi Troy,
You are not alone in your thoughts. Those of us into spanking are very into it and it pervades our thoughts. There's nothing bad or wrong with it. Basically, it's a part of you that you must learn to accept and enjoy. Think of it this way - no matter who you are having sex with, you always have something to think about that will get you off. Everyone into spanking at least thinks about spanking at the moment of orgasm.

I too grappled with my spanking fetish for years until I decided to act on it. In addition to running Pacific Force and doing spanking sessions, I also counsel.

Perhaps you should think about doing a session with me where we do some talking and some spanking too. I want to help you embrace this fetish rather than feel ashamed of it. As far as getting your girlfriends to spank you, that can happen too. However, you need to feel comfortable with it inside yourself before you bring it up to them.

One thing that I find kind of interesting is your age. I have recently been getting lots of mail from young men in their twenties who want to be spanked. I guess men are finally beginning to realize they need guidance from women in the same way their mommies used to set boundaries. Interesting, huh?

Hope we can meet in the near future.
- Jacqueline

Well...my interest in spanking has been mostly fantasy...I enjoyed those i provoked from reading stories or watching dvds. As an adult i have only had the opportunity to wonder as to how much i really would like the spanking...the thought of the
actual spanking is arousing to me and the power that i give up is even more...I expect that during the actual punishment i will not be as aroused, but the thoughts afterwords will be worth the pain.
- James


Dear James,
I understand what you wrote about spanking. You're concerned that the actual spanking is not as exciting as the words and the anticipation. That's why I incorporatate alot of role plays into my sessions so that you get the excitment of the verbiage and get into the reason why you are getting spanked. In many ways the spanking is secondary to the build-up.
- Jacqueline

Just a quick question. I have heard the saying from time to time "your naughty bottom.' Usually it is not one's bottom that gets one into trouble or the bottom that is naughty. My question is, Why is it that the bottom gets the blame for misbehavior and the like?
- Tommy


I agree with you. I guess it's just an expression. Similar to the expression, 'dumb ass' - just a way that people communicate. Common vernacular.

I'll make you sorry for your behavior by giving you a sore bottom - I think that's the more accurate way to put it. Anyway, no more analyzing the talk. Just expect to have a red bottom when you're over my knee!
- Jacqueline

Dear Jacqueline,
It's been about a week since our session and I'm finally able to start sitting down again without thinking about you. Thanks again for giving me a chance to live out my fantasies and to re-enact some real spankings from my past.

My most humiliating punishment came when "Ms Jackie" caught me sniffing the panties in her underwear drawer. Since I obviously liked women's clothes so much,she made me put on a pair of panties, a garter belt and stockings, before bending me over her knee and paddling me good and hard with her large, wooden hairbrush. Then to further teach me never to go into her panty drawer ever again, she gave me a mouth soaping.

Thanks again for giving me what I needed, and perhaps some day I can re-enact more spanking scenarios with you.
- Martin


Dear Martin
I love re-enacting real life scenarios. I had fun and I have a feeling there are some real issues we need to deal with. Maybe some things that you got away with in the past? There are some secrets you have held back. It's time we dealt with those things properly - right over my knee!
Look forward to seeing you soon.
- Jacqueline

Hi Jacqueline,
I hope you will be able to take a few minutes and give me your advice/help. It feels like I've searched the internet a million times trying to find a way to connect with someone who will enjoy the things I would.I am really frustrated!!

I am in my thirties but ever since I left home to attend college I guess I have thought a billion or more times about having a "maternal type" relationship with a special lady.

I guess my point is I have known for a while that I was turned on by being disciplined by a women but at the same time didn't understand how I could be turned on by something that caused me such severe pain and humilation. Since I lived in an area where everyone knew everyone else I just kept my feelings to myself. I moved to Florida about 6 months ago and since that time have done everything I can think of to meet someone who would enjoyspanking/disciplining me.

I have had no luck at all...I've even thought about seeing a professional dominatrix but some amazon lady all dressed up in leather and all of those devices is just not at all what I have in mind. I am a nice person, kind hearted, college educated, I have a professional job, I am 6'1", 155, brown hair and blue eyes, people tell me all the time that I am handsome and tell me how lucky a lady will be to "get me." Though I am in my 30's people have told me I look like I'm in my mid 20's . I've never smoked, consumed alcohol, or used drugs in my life.I could go on and on about why I would be a great person for someone to be with but I HOWEVER know that I would only greatly enjoy I relationship with a special lady who would enjoy having the maternal role over me....They would love all aspects of disciplining a male who needed it.

If anyone out there knows of a kind-hearted, sweet, special lady who takes care of herself that is also seeking a male to discipline as she feels necessary please, please let me know. I would be grateful.
- Thank you, Michael


Hi Michael,
You are not alone (as you can see from the many letter just like yours) Many people want find a mate who understands their need for discipline. Lucky for you in this day and age spanking is not as taboo as it used to be. I generally advise people to find someone they get along with on all levels and slowly introduce them to spanking. I have successfully worked with many couples over the years.

I really love spanking and only do spanking sessions. No leather, no whips, no bondage. Just good old fashioned domestic style discipline. You should consider taking a trip to Los Angeles and seeing me one of these days. I would be happy to apply some long over due disicpline.
- Jacqueline

Dear Ms Jacqueline,
I just read Volume 9 of your stories and when I read the one about the man who didn't like women wearing pants, I thought that it sounded very familiar. At first, I thought that another writer had come up with the same plan until I saw that it was my very own letter.

I will repeat them again here for you. Over the right knee both directions, over the left knee both directions, and finally, over both knees both directions. Six positions all together in which to really apply good spankings.

Thanks for printing my letter. I wonder what other women will think about that. Maybe some will try it.


Hi Harold,
I have tried it and it's fun.
- Jacqueline

Hi Miss J,
I got my fiance into spanking. She is very open. I basically told her that I liked to be spanked. She didn't think it was weird or anything. So now, she spanks me over her lap with her hand. But she is still a little tentative. She feels that she will hurt me. She said she can see my butt getting pink and red and then stops. I've told her thats the point and thats what I want. And then end of conversation and we have sex.

I've spanked her too before but she told me she likes to be the top better. Fine by me. We'll see what happens when we are married in a month. It can only get stronger. Oh, she also likes to wear leather pants! How lucky am I ?! Anyways, thanks for writing back! Take care.
- Brian


You are lucky. I think the more you play, the more confident she will get. I'm glad you switched a little with her too. That's another good way to teach someone. You don't have to spank her as hard as you want to be spanked. However, you can demonstrate the attitude and the verbiage you like to hear when she spanks you. It might not be a bad idea to try it again. Try spanking her on her leather pants. She may dig it.

If you are ever in the LA area, we should get together. I love to teach other ladies the art of disciplining their men.
- Jacqueline

Dear Miss Jacqueline Omerta,
My lovely wife Poppy has ordered me to thank you for your wonderful videos, as it has given her much inspiration in controlling me.

I'm a six-foot, 200-pound pansy husband who thought he was in for a conventional marriage until Poppy threatened to leave me because of my bad behaviour. Her simple ultimatum was that I could either be free or single or submit to a new lifestyle and regular over-the-knee spankings.I couldn't believe it, but I didn't want to lose her and so resigned myself to behave and have Poppy spank my bottom whenever she saw fit.

I lost my job two years ago and am now a house hubbie, while Poppy holds a really important job with a major London bank. I have to do all the housework and Poppy has further subjugated me by insisting that I wear a pair of sheer panty hose and pink fluffy slippers when she spanks my bottom.I hated it at first but am now very happy and eager to please Poppy in any way I can.

Thank you so much for helping me to find my true self. With all my obedient love and best wishes,


Hi Michael,
Thanks for emailing me. Poppy sounds like a woman after my own hear. I love the idea of the pantyhose and fluffy slippers - that's a great touch.

Glad you are being a good boy and it sounds like you are in the perfect marriage!
- Jacqueline

Ms Jacqueline,
Thank you for allowing me to converse with you over the telephone last week. I am interested in being put on your mailing list, so I might be informed when new Fem Dom DVD's become available.

My wife and I have been more or less in the scene for perhaps 5 or 6 years, and have been playing since before we were married, which was nearly 25 years ago. Talk about marital aids, there's little doubt Female Domination is a great factor in our longevity.

I also would like to say that I admire you, and folks like you for being in the limelight, so to speak. We're pretty much in the closet, so any one having the courage to be in the public eye, and promoting an alternative lifestyle such as ours is deserving of a great deal of respect.

Thanks again for your time.

- Chris

Thank you all for your letters. Keep them coming and feel free to reference and refer to any letter posted.
- Jacqueline Omerta

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