FemDom Spanking Letters - Volume Fifteen

Dear Miss Jaqueline,
I have a loving partner, however, as a boy I was often spanked over my mothers knee and I miss that firm guidance.

Can you give me any advice on how to broach the subject with my partner. I know I need plenty of punishments but just don't know how to go about it.

- Martin


Dear Martin,

Your letter is the one I receive most often. Naughty men need strict guidance and set boundaries. I wish more women understood. The best thing you can do is to be open. Next time you do something that upsets your partner - (i.e. forget to take out the garbage, come home late from a boys night out, forget her birthday), why don't you get right to the point. Simply say,

"When I was younger, my mother would have spanked me. Maybe I need a good sound spanking now."

Hopefully, she'll get the hint. I don't think many women can resist a sincerely humble man. If she seems at all interested, pursue the issue. You may invite her to sit on a chair and lay yourself across her lap.

If nothing else, she may be so amused that her anger will disappear.

If the spanking goes successfully, bring her to the website. I love teaching women and would be more than happy to answer an email from your wife. You can also bring her to me for some instruction.

I truly believe in the importance of disciplining men. I hope you can convert your wife and that she will give you the spankings that you need.

- Ms. Jacqueline

It's always gratifying when my advice works. Here's a letter from someone has been reading this column. This is living the disciplinary lifestyle.

Hi Ms Jacqueline,

My lady recently hinted that we should adapt a life style as you described. She has always expressed concern thatI am lazy and tend to spend alot of time in nudy bars. (Once per week).

My Gal Pal has spanked me regularly for the past year or so. But it has always been an erotic, pleasurable spanking. She wants us to sit down and make up a list of punishable acts as you suggested and really spank me once a week in a loving but very strict manner as she see's fit.

I generally don't have a problem with this as it may do me some good. However I am apprehensive as I am not very good with harsh implements, especially canings. I had that once and thought I was going to pass out from the pain. If I do say no she will respect it and not bring it up again.

Question: How much is enough and how much is too much? Also should we still have a safety password? Any suggestions would be a big help.

- Uncertain Peeko


Dear Peeko,

Spankings are not about brutality. Their function is to correct bad behavior simply and swiftly. I don't think it is ever necessary to carry spanking to the extreme unless there's just cause or the players have sado-mashochistic tendencies.

First of all, if you are so worried about getting caned, then you know what you can do. How about learning to behave? If you don't disobey your gal pal, then she'll have no reason to use that cane on your naughty bottom.

I think it's good that she threatens you with this implement. I think the cane should hang prominently in your bedroom so that you can see it everyday when you wake up in the morning and when you go to sleep at night. The cane can be a constant reminder to you that you need to be a good, well-disciplined boy.

If you do ever earn yourself a caning, I believe that your gal pal should have very just cause. She will sometimes have to use this implement so that you know she means business. However, she doesn't have to over-use it or welt your bottom extensively. I have a feeling about 4-6 strokes will do the job just fine.

Good luck and glad that womenwhospankmen.com is helping your relationship.

- Ms. Jacqueline

Hi Jacqueline,

I don't have a lot of experience in the spanking field. My ex girlfriend and I did get into spanking a little.

We had great fun. We went round my house finding all the best implements and then return to my room with them. She'd lay them out on the bed. There'd be a wooden ruler, a wooden chopping board with a handle ( a bit like a paddle), a wooden spoon, a leather belt and a rubber soled slipper.

We'd choose one each and experiment. I liked it when she dressed up too. She had some great clothes, but also played the part well in normal clothes and even when naked. If she ever wore her leather skirt then it was a " your too old for my hand boy " spanking. I would then be promptly yanked OTK, my boxers removed and the paddle crack alternatly on my bare backside. I then had corner time (15 mins) and my spanking would continue with me laying on my bed while I was strapped with the belt folded over.

If I was really bad (or she felt like having a laugh), I'd be sent to stand in a cold shower for 5 mins. My g/f would enter the shower room with a towel and the slipper and sit on the loo seat. She'd drape the towel over her lap and pick up the slipper, slapping it in the palm of her hand. That was my signal to get out of the shower and lower myself onto her lap. There I would be spanked on my thighs and backside with the slipper. Wet spankings were awfully painful and my g/f would not hesitate in adding more ice cold water if the radiating heat from my cheeks dried my skin. Once she was satisfied that I was a very sorry little boy she'd stop and we'd make love in my room which was fantastic. In fact the spanking helped me last longer and be more considerate to her sexual needs too.

Well, iI hope that gave u a giggle. I'd love to get back together with her some day. She's at university now and so meetings are few and far between. She is as good a naughty girl as she is a strict Aunt and we usually stand side by side and compare after spankings. We'd laugh alot at the outcome of our adventures and our bottoms. The best thing is that she's still my best friend and that means a lot more to me now.

- Russ



I love your letter because it describes the fun that two people can have with spanking. Guys - this may be the letter to show to your ladies. It really shows how much fun (and non-threatening) spanking can be.

- Ms. Jacqueline

Dear Ms. Jacqueline,

I am sorry to bother you and I hope you won't think I am wasting your time, but I need some advice and I think that you may be able to help me. I'll explain.

I am a twenty five year old male who enjoys being under the control of a strong but strict woman. I grew up with a very dominant mother who sadly passed away nearly a year ago. She took on both parental roles when my dad walked out on us, and worked hard to keep our home, dress me in decent clothes and put me through College. I now have a very good job that would have been impossible without her sacrifices. She was strong in so many ways and was always there when I needed her. Lots of hugs and a good listener! She also was very strict. If I misbehaved she wouldn't hesitate to spank me with her hand or strap me with a wide leather belt that was kept in my bedroom.

Mom didn't care what age I was and said if I behaved like a child then she would spank me like one. After she punished me I was left alone to reflect on what I had done wrong. Then she would come up and hug me until I felt a lot better. She never nagged me about it afterwards and just carried on as if nothing had happened!

You may think me ridiculous but I miss her and the strength that she gave me. I always felt more secure and happier when I had mom around to set me some limits. Without a dad I guess she had to watch me carefully, and there were a few occasions in my teens that she stopped me going down the wrong road. Usually with the aid of that supple leather belt!

Since I've been alone, I've found myself wanting to be punished once more by a strict and firm lady who knows how to burn a naughty boy's bare bottom. I just don't know where to start looking. I know that there are adverts in magazines, but it's a big step to put yourself in someone else's hands like that. I'm just not sure what to do.

I'm sorry to have taken so much of your time. II wish that I could be one of those men over your knee or bending for the strap, my bare bottom getting redder and redder as you teach me to be good. I already have a few films from you and they are excellent.

Thank you for listening to me. My best wishes to you and all the fine ladies at Women who Spank men.

- James, Colorado Springs, CO


Dear James,

I offer my services to naughty boys like you. Until you find the right woman, you should definitely report to me or another pro who understands discipline.

I am proud of the fact that I keep many naughty boys in line. I am glad you understand your need for a surrogate mom or strict aunt.

People travel from all over the world to see me. They make a visit to California for a vacation combined with discipline. I've even had some people fly in for just one evening.

You may also be able to find someone closer to your home. Just be careful to interview someone very carefully before you choose to see them. Remember your ass is on the line and you want to see someone who understands the psychology of discipline as well as someone who knows how to use implements carefully. Not anyone can do this. Spanking takes real skill - you have to understand the emotional impact as well as the physicalities involved.

Since you are a Pacific Force customer and have purchased several videos from us you will get preference for a session with me.

- Ms. Jacqueline

Dear Ms. Jacqueline,

About your two latest videos:

'Women Know Best'

'We're Going To Blister Your Butts!'

Just finished them. Both are great.

All 3 new females were great spankers. Did they learn from you ???
or did they get a Masters degree in spanking ???

Excellent OTK action
Excellent sound
Excellent visuals
Excellent interviews

Thanks for the Asian spanker, I hope to see her ass get good and hot OTK soon and hope to see more female asians and inovative stuff like the sitdown on the car mat thing.

Please think about more shoe and slipper spankings. Did you ever give or get a rubber spanking ?? Totes or mens rubbers for dress shoes is definitely a usable implement. Good job keep the spank videos cumming!




I think you are referring to Sabrina.

She gives a female a spanking in 'Spanked Soundly' and gets a spanking in 'Spanking Triple Play 12'

Can't say I've ever used rubber to spank but there's always tomorrow!

Yes, I head up the Master's Degree program in spanking!

- Jacqueline

Hi Jacqueline,
I greatly appreciate your prompt response. It says even more about you that you personally took the time today to answer my inquiry. (Guess, I've just gotten too accustomed to not hearing back from people -- or companies -- when I've written them with questions). Anyway, again, I have the utmost respect for you and your work .

I too would love to explore the possibilities of a spanking session. In fact, your mere reference to it had my spanking fantasy-mind running absolutely wild! Unfortunately though, because of upcoming commitments, I wouldn't have an opportunity to come to California anytime soon. However, the thought of a session with you is enticing enough, and exciting enough, that I can wait for a few months At that time, I'd very much like to arrange a session

I can envision you looking simply magnificent in a pair of jeans (or in a skirt), with a long-sleeved, blue pin-striped (or plain light blue) buttoned-up Oxford shirt (with the button-down collar) ... Your shirt is tucked-in and your sleeves are rolled up to (or just below) the elbow ­ and you're ready to spank! Wow! I would, personally, be willing to send (and/or personally DELIVER) a set of the aforementioned shirts -- TAILORED to you -- if it meant I could view you adorning them in a photo, video; or better yet in a LIVE SESSION! .... I'll definitely have my eyes open for them now .

In my mind, it's important that a buttoned-up shirt on a woman fits right. (I tell my wife this all the time!) I don't care much to see a beautiful woman in a buttoned-up shirt that "hangs" on her like it could be on someone twice her size (or could fit a large MAN!) Also, in my fantasies, the shirtsleeves are rolled up a certain way (i.e., neatly, and up to the elbow, or just below the elbow). If the sleeves are rolled up only so that they're off the wrists, it doesn't send the same "shivers" through me, or give me the same impression on the women wearing the shirt. When a woman rolls up her sleeves to her elbows, it really sends a message of confidence, control and authority to me.

As I view you on your site Jacqueline, you appear to me as having all the aforementioned qualities -- and much MORE! However, were you to roll up your sleeves to your elbows before commencing your spankings ­ you would really have a presence. One that is even MORE assured and commanding!

You and your staff have my sincerest gratitude for offering these outlets to express spanking fantasies (and I guess, now, clothing fetishes). I thank you immensely, and commend you for your dedication to your craft. I'm honored, inspired and delighted to have been in contact with you

- Erik



Thank you for your letter. I agree that costuming and attitude are extremely important. I like the imagery of 'rolling up my sleeves' before beginning to spank.

When you have a date for Los Angeles, we should explore the possibilities for a session. We'll have to pick out the right Oxford shirt so I can roll up my sleeves and give you a proper spanking.

- Ms. Jacqueline Omerta

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